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Institute of Genetics and of Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC ) - UM 41/UMR 7104/UMR_S 964

Key words

Molecular biology – Cellular biology – Structural biology – Modelling – Molecular Genetics – Cellular physiology – Genetics therapy – Cellular imagery – Bioinformatics – Genomics – Genomes and complecity- High throughput screening – Transcriptome – Proteome – Proteasome – Transgenesis – Post-genome – Functional analysis – Reproduction biology – Development biology – Ageing – Oncogenesis – Oncology – Endocrinology – Metabolism – Neurosciences – Addiction – Substance dependence – Behaviour – Cellular and molecular pharmacology – Toxicology – Immunology – Microfluidic- Quantitative biology – Integrative biology - systemic biology – Biophysics – Translational medicine – Neurodegeneration  and Neuromuscular diseases – Regenerative medicine


The Institute of Genetics and of Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC ) is one of the leading biomedical research centres in Europe.  IGBMC is engaged in researching diverse themes, combining fundamental and applied research in life sciences. The 52 research teams conduct research on various topics, ranging from structural analysis of proteins to human genetics, stem cells, biophysics and epigenetics. The scientific results of the Institute have already lead to significant scientific progress, notably in the understanding of multiple human pathologies such as cancers or rare genetic diseases.

Research focus

IGBMC is composed of 4 departments:

  • Development and stem cells
  • Integrated structural Biology
  • Functional genomics and cancer
  • Translational medicine and neurogenetics


Bertrand Séraphin


Institut de génétique et de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire (IGBMC)
Parc d'innovation
1 rue Laurent Fries - BP 10142
67404 Illkirch Cedex

Tél : 03 88 65 32 00


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