Biomaterials and Bioengineering - UMR_S 1121

Key words

Biomaterials - Theranostics - Implants – Antimicrobial peptides


UMR S1121 is an interdisciplinary research unit comprising clinicians, biologists, chemists and physicists. It focuses on bio-materials in a broad sense, from the development of innovative bio-materials to the understanding of their interaction with cells to the conception of new types of implants.

Research focus

The unit’s research work is organised around 4 major themes:

  • Materials for life science
  • Personnalised and intelligent biomaterials
  • Nano-biomaterials : theranostic biological nanoparticles
  • New implants


Pierre Schaaf


Biomatériaux et bioingénierie
Faculté de médecine
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