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Immunopathology and Therapeutic Chemistry (ICT) - UPR 3572

Key words

Molecular biology – Cellular biology – Cellular imagery – Genome and genomics – Functional analysis – GMO – Oncology – Clinical research – Health engineering – Cellular and molecular pharmacology – Pharmacokinetics – Pharmaceutical drugs  -  Immunology – Virology – Tropical diseases – Nanosciences – Nanobiosciences – Bioorganic chemistry – Material chemistry -  Polymers – Nanomaterials – Nanostructures materials – Nanoobjects – Lupus- Autoimmunity


This research unit aims to study molecular and cellular features of the normal and pathologic immune system with the objective to design new therapeutic ways of specific immunointervention in autoimmune, tumoral and viral diseases.

Approaches used include fundamental immunology, cellular and molecular biology, organic chemistry and pharmacology, structure-function studies, physiology, cellular imaging and manipulation of animal models.

Research focus

ICT’s work is organised around 5 themes:

  • B cell tolerance and autoimmunity
  • Immunobiology and Lupus therapy
  • RANK and cutaneous immuno-biology
  • B cell response immunoregulation & Lupus
  • Organic nanomaterials and delivery


Sylviane Muller


Immunopathologie et chimie thérapeutique (ICT)
15 rue René Descartes
67084 Strasbourg Cedex

Tél : 03 88 41 70 19


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