Biotechnology and Cell Signaling - UMR 7242

Key words

Integrity of the human genome – Receptor , pain, inflammation - Signalling - Therapeutic tools – Molecular and cellular pharmacology – Molecular biology – Structural biology – Tumor biology – Biotechnology  

Research focus

The unit’s research approach is at the crossroad between systems biology, biological chemistry and biotechnologies. Researchers combine molecular biology, small molecules chemistry and structural biology to decipher signaling pathways and study their regulation in order to understand cell functions and intercellular communication.

The unit is engaged in researching two major scientific issues:

  • Genomes’ reaction to a change of chemical, biological of physic environment in terms of reparation, transcription or damages leading to carcinogenesis
  • Signal or matter transduction across the cell membrane and their regulation


Jean-Luc Galzi


Biotechnologie et signalisation cellulaire - UMR 7242
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