Diabetes and Therapeutics: Pancreatic Islets and Technological Innovations (DIATHEC) - EA 7294

Key words

Biology, Health, Diabetes


DiaTHec is part of the Institute of Genetics and of Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC ), which is one of the leading biomedical research centres in Europe. IGBMC is engaged in researching very diverse themes, combining fundamental and applied research in life sciences. The 52 research teams conduct research on various topics, ranging from structural analysis of proteins to human genetics, stem cells, biophysics and epigenetics. The scientific results of the Institute have already led to significant scientific progress, notably in the understanding of multiple human pathologies such as cancers or rare genetic diseases.


Séverine Sigrist


Diabète et Thérapeutique : Ilots pancréatiques et Innovations Technologiques
Centre européen d'étude du Diabète
Boulevard René Leriche
67200 Strasbourg
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