Interdisciplinary thematic institutes | ITI

By drawing on its richness, its history and a long tradition of multidisciplinarity cultivated at the University of Strasbourg, fifteen Interdisciplinary Thematic Institutes (ITI) contribute in a new way to the understanding and resolution of the 21st century's major scientific and societal challenges, for health and life sciences, sciences and technologies and social sciences and humanities.


Launched in January 2021, the Interdisciplinary thematic institutes (ITI) are at the heart of the  development strategy of the University of Strasbourg and are a major element in the overhaul of its research and training landscape. They fit into the continuity of graduate schools, in the wake of University Research Schools (EUR) and Laboratories of excellence (Labex).


The Interdisciplinary thematic institutes (ITI) are part of the Initiative of Excellence (IdEx) jointly brought by the University of Strasbourg (Unistra), the National center for scientific research (CNRS) and the National institute of health and medical research (Inserm) and are co-financed as part of the french Great investment plan (GPI) or Future investments program (PIA).

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