Strasbourg Institute of Chemistry - UMR 7177

Key words

Organic and inorganic chemistry - Chemical physics theory - Catalysis- Synthesis - Functions - Biomolecules - Molecular modelling - Microorganisms - Molecular motor



Strasbourg's Institute of Chemistry is an interdisciplinary research laboratory comprised of 300 members including theorethical chemists, synthesis chemists, physicists and biologists. The institute is engaged in enhancing knowledge in the field of chemistry and addressing major issues such as environment preservation and new energy sources as well as the development of new therapies. Its research has potential application in a range of areas, from energy to pharmacy to the food industry.

The institute is a major research and education hub in the field of chemistry on a regional, national and international level.

Research focus

The institute is organised in 16 research teams:

  • Molecular biogeochemistry
  • Coordination chemistry
  • Controlled achitecture ligands chemistry
  • Chemistry and biochemistry of bioactive molecules
  • Molecular inorganic chemistry and catalysis
  • Quantic chemistry
  • Dermatochemistry
  • Electrochemistry and solid-state physical chemistry
  • Organic synthesis and reactivity and catalysis
  • Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Synthesis of multifunctional molecular assembly
  • Chemistry and organo-metallic systemics
  • Biologic chemistry and therapeutic applications
  • Molecular modelling and simulation
  • Magnetic and optic properties of molecular architectures
  • Magnetic resonance and membranes biophysics



Jean Weiss


Institut de chimie de Strasbourg
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Tél : 03 68 85 16 84

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