Nanomaterials for systems under extreme stress (NS3E) - UMR 3208

Key words

Energetic Nanomaterials – Nano-diamonds – Nano-thermite-  Explosive detection – Nano-calorimetry – Bio-inspired systems – AFM Imagery



NS3E is a joint research laboratory working on energetic nanomaterials and nanomaterials prepared by reactive techniques.

The laboratory studies the influence of the decrease of the particle size and of composites nanostructuration on their properties and performance (regarding their reactivity, sensitivity and new properties) with the perspective of achieving scientific and technological breakthroughs.

The lab seeks to share in scientific advancement, but is also engaged in responding directly to the defense industry and the civil security sector. It is the country’s only joint research laboratory to associate defense and civil research.

Research focus

Research within NS3E is organized around four major themes:

  • Energetic and inert nanomaterials
  • Reactivity of nanothermites (MICs)
  • Study of ultrafine traces of energetic materials
  • Top-down and bottom-up synthesis


Denis Spitzer


Nanomatériaux pour systèmes sous sollicitations extrêmes (NS3E)
Institut franco-allemand de recherches de Saint-Louis (ISL)
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