Institute of Supramolecular Science and Engineering (ISIS) - UMR 7006

Key words

Nanosciences - Supramolecular Chemistry - Biomaterials - Biophysics - Quantum Physics


ISIS is a joint research unit part of the University of Strasbourg and of the CNRS ( =French National Centre for Scientific Research). It aims to conduct multidisciplinary research in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. ISIS is composed of several research laboratories.


Research focus

The institute is composed of 12 laboratories researching specific fields of study:

  • Laboratory of Molecular Function and Design, Director : Marco CECCHINI
  • Laboratory of Supramolecular Biomaterials and Chemistry, Director : Luisa DE COLA
  • Nanostructures Laboratory, Director: Thomas W. EBBESEN
  • Laboratory of Nonequilibrium Complex Systems, Directeur : Thomas HERMANS
  • Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory, Director: Martin KARPLUS
  • Laboratory of Supramolecular Chemistry, Director : Jean-Marie LEHN
  • Laboratory of Chemical Catalysis, Director : Joseph MORAN
  • Laboratory of Quantum Physics, Director : Guido PUPILLO
  • Laboratory of Cell Physics, Director: Daniel RIVELINE
  • Nanochemistry Laboratory, Director: Paolo SAMORI
  • Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry, Director : Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE
  • Laboratory of Proteins Chemistry, Director : Vladimir TORBEEV


Paolo Samori


Institut de science et d'ingénierie supramoléculaires (ISIS)
8 rue Gaspard Monge - BP 70028
67083 Strasbourg Cedex

Tél : 03 68 85 51 49

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