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Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory - UMR 7550

key words

Stars – Interstellar medium – Galaxies – Astrophysics – Data base – Information systems-  Signal processing – Grid computing – High energy – Numerical simulations – Great surveys


The Observatory is dedicated to research activities, observation and postgraduate education. It was built in 1881 and hosts the third biggest refracting telescope in France as well as Strasbourg's Planetarium. It hosts three research groups and two observation services which are part of the National Institute of Space Science (INSU): the Survey Science Centre XMM-Newton (SSC-XMM) and the Astronomy Data Centre (CDS).

The observatory seeks to contribute to scientific progress through:

  • Acquiring observation data
  • Developing and using relevant resources
  • Elaborating the required theoretical tools

It is engaged in :

  • Supplying services linked to its research activities
  • Training students and researchers
  • Ensure knowledge dissemination
  • International cooperation activities


Research focus

The Observatory is comprised of 3 research teams:

  • Galaxies
  • High energy
  • Astronomy Data Centre ( CDS)


Hervé Wozniak


Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg
11 rue de l'Université
67000 Strasbourg

Tél : 03 68 85 24 10


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