ICube – Laboratory of Engineering, Computer Science and Imagery - UMR 7357

Key words

Computer science – Human-machine interaction –Parallelism- Bioinformatics – Imagery, virtual reality – Networks, graphs and communication – Automatic control – Robotics – Signal processing – Remote sensing – Image, vision – Electronic and optoelectronic components – Distributed computing  Micro-nano technology – Optoelectronics – Electronics,circuit and system-  Micro and nanosystems – Optical systems – Photonics – Biomechanics- Solid and material mechanics – Nanostructured Materials – Civil engineering – Cognition and brain image – Neurosciences – Biophysics – Medical imaging – Health engineering – Surgery – Medical research


Created in 2013, the Laboratory brings together researchers from the University of Strasbourg, the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), the ENGEES and the INSA of Strasbourg whose research interest span engineering science to computer science and medical science with imaging as unifying theme.

With around 500 members, ICube is a major research hub in Strasbourg in the fields of biomedical engineering and sustainable development.

The laboratory is composed of 14 research teams which are part of 4 departments:

  • Department of Computer sciences
  • Department of Imaging, Robotics, Remote Sensing and Health
  • Department of Solid-state Electronics, Systems and Photonics
  • Department of Mechanics


Michel de Mathelin


Laboratoire des sciences de l'ingénieur, de l'informatique et de l'imagerie (ICube)
Pôle API - Parc d'innovation
300 boulevard Sébastien Brant - BP 10413
67412 Illkirch Cedex

Tél : 03 68 85 45 54

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