School and Observatory of Earth Science (EOST) - UMS 830


EOST is both a School and an Earth Sciences Observatory attached to the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and the University of Strasbourg. It aims to contribute to the monitoring of natural phenomena and to provide data to the scientific community.
Earthquakes, magnetic fields, gravitational force, hydro-chemical composition, landslides are some examples of the natural processes observed by EOST. Understanding their functioning at different temporal and spatial scales requires both human and instrumental resources.

Key words

Observation – Sismology- Geodesy –Gravimetry – Magnetism – Environment- Pollution – Tectonics – Geomorphology – Paleosismology – Geochemistry - Hydrosystem


Frédéric Masson


Ecole et observatoire des sciences de la Terre
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