Institute for Advanced Mathematical Research (IRMA) - UMR 7501

Key words

Mathematics – Algebra – Geometry – Numbers theory – Real and complex analysis – Numerical analysis – Partial differential equations – Topology – Probability – Statistics – Financial mathematics – Combinatorics – Mathematical modelling and stimulation

Research focus

The institute is composed of 7 research teams:

  • Algebra, topology, quantic groups, representation
  • Analysis
  • Arithmetic and Algebraic geometry
  • Geometry
  • Modelling and control
  • Probabilities
  • Statistics


Founded about 100 years ago, the institute is attached to CNRS’ National Institute for Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions (INSMI) and to the University of Strasbourg.


Yann Bugeaud


Institut de recherche mathématique avancée (IRMA)
7 rue René Descartes
67084 Strasbourg Cedex

Tél : 03 68 85 01 29

Établissement associé de l'Université de Strasbourg
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