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Centre for International and European Studies (CEIE) - EA 7307

Key words

Community law – International public law – Business law – Environment – Biodiversity – Pollution – Planning – Sustainable development – Medicine – Criminal community law – International private law


The Centre for International and European Studies is one of the 8 research units part of the research federation “Europe in motion”. It is composed of two research teams: European Union Law and Public International Law. CEIE’s areas of expertise are EU institutions and the evolution of the EU’s constitutional structure. 

The unit has multiple partnerships with international institutions (International Court of Justice, HCR, UNODC), European institutions (European Council, European Court of Human Rights, European Parliament), national and local institutions (EUCOR) and participates in research contracts and research networks.

Research focus

Until 2017, the CEIE’s research policy will focus on security, a theme that will be investigated through 3 approaches:

  • Securing the area of freedom, security and justice

         -  The criminal aspects of EU’s law and strengthening fundamental rights

         -  International and European law on Human Rights


  • Securing the internal market

         -  Free movement of medicinal products

         -  Transnational issues of the development of the e-commerce

         -  The future of social economics within the new internal market strategy

         -  Issues of public purchasing and of the Member States’ tax strategy


  • Securing spaces

         -  Waters and airspace

         -  Energy security

         -  UN’s issue on human security


Christian Mestre


Centre d'études internationales et européennes (CEIE)
Bâtiment L'Escarpe
11 rue du Maréchal Juin - BP 68
67046 Strasbourg Cedex

Tél : 03 68 85 87 81


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