Society, Stakeholders and Governments in Europe (SAGE) - UMR 7363

Key words

Health – Environment – Collective action – Family- Work – Education – Culture- City – Mobility


SAGE is a social and political sciences laboratory with an original approach to important social and political issues such as health, environmental law and policy, urban sustainable development, social and cultural policies, the internationalisation and circulation of elites, the political sociology of Europe and social movements. Research is structured around 6 internal work groups, working in close collaboration and on a project-oriented basis.

This pluridisciplinary team brings together researchers working on transnationalisation processes with a focus on European construction as a response to globalisation, as well as the transformations and political and social dynamics linked to these processes. In this perspective, emphasis is laid on transnational stakeholders who elaborate and implement new norms and policies in relation to new social issues (environment, health, ageing, social vulnerabilities, culture, urban areas, etc.) and on the territorial dimensions of these dynamics.


Hélène Michel

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