Centre for the Analysis of Antique Religious Rethoric (CARRA) - EA 3094

Key words

Ancient Languages – Greek – Latin – History of Philosophy – History of Religions – Greek and Roman Antiquity – Rhetoric – Encyclopaedic knowledge - Humanism


CARRA focuses on two areas of study: rhetoric on the one hand and religion on the other hand. It aims to bind the two subjects together in the light of the recent progress made in the fields of history of rhetoric and religious sciences. CARRA investigates the themes of language in relation to the sacred and divine, the forms of expression addressed to the gods and the different ways to express consciousness and the religious feeling. It aims to provide research tools that will lead to a better understanding of rhetoric and religion based mostly on the study of Greek and Latin texts.

Research focus

Research within CARRA is organised around 4 programmes:

  • Supplement to the Greek and Roman prayer bibliography
  • Edition of rhetorical and grammatical texts
  • Beatus Rhenanus
  • Name the Gods ( interdisciplinary programme)




Laurent Pernot - Yves Lehmann


Centre d'analyse des rhétoriques religieuses de l'Antiquité (CARRA)
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