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Europe in motion: history, law, economy and cultural identities - FR 3241


The research federation «Europe in motion» aims to bring together the different branches of law and to carry out interdisciplinary research on the changes in Europe by collaborating with economists and historians. Research focuses on identifying and analysing the changes that European law and European Union law brought to national legal systems and their underlying fundamental concepts.
A parallel approach also highlights the influence of national law on European law. Sharing multidisciplinary expertise allows research units to conduct efficient research and disseminate it through joint publications, symposiums and workshops. Beside these collaborative activities, the federation members are also committed to supporting young researchers and incorporating them into their teams in order to ensure the future of research on Europe in Strasbourg.

Research focus

Research within the federation is organised around three main themes:

1. Fundamental rights of/ within companies

  • Fundamental rights within social rights
  • Fundamental rights within economic rights
  • Fundamental rights in the social, economic and environmental orders
  • Company law facing the new rules of the market

2. Rights and mobility

  • Fundamental citizenship
  • Competition between justice systems
  • Cross-border aspect of mobility

3. European integration, history and security

  • Sytems’ security
  • Space’s security
  • Security of people and goods


  • Director : Frédérique Berrod
  • Assistant-Director : Nicolas Moizard


Fédération de recherche "L'Europe en mutation : histoire, droit, économie et identités culturelles"
Bâtiment L'Escarpe
11 rue du Maréchal Juin - BP 68
67046 Strasbourg Cedex 

Tel : 03 68 85 87 80


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