Centre for Fundamental Rights and Private Law ( CDPF) - EA1351

Key words

Civil law – Right of individuals and families – Procedural law – Bioethics – Criminal law and Criminal procedure – International private law - Comparative law -  History of law and institutions


The CDPF is a research team comprising 20 lecturers-researchers. It is member of the research federation “Europe in motion: history, law, economics and cultural identities” and attached to the Doctoral School.

It is committed to furthering a long tradition of connections to the judiciary and to large institutions as well as to maintaining contacts with alumni.

Research focus

Research at the CDPF is built around five main themes:

  • Law theory
  • People, family, bioethics
  • Property and contract law
  • Procedures
  • Criminal law


Frédérique Granet-Lambrechts

Philippe Hoonakker



Centre de droit privé fondamental (CDPF)
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