Integrative molecular and cellular biology | IMCBio

Create a unique biopole around advanced infrastructures to decipher the complexity of living organisms with promising applications to human health, agronomy and biotechnology.


The Integrative Molecular and Cellular Biology (IMCBio) graduate school wishes to attract talented PhD students to the University of Strasbourg to start innovative research projects. The IMCBio graduate school builds on the strong research developed in four research institutes: IGBMC, IBMC, IBMP and GMGM.

IMCBio is an unprecendeted training project focused on integrative molecular and cellular Biology, gathering :

  • 3 laboratories of excellence
  • Cutting-edge technological resources of 4 national infrastructures in Health Biology
  • An equipment of excellence, the insectarium I2MC

Thematics and research challenges

Research thematics covers all areas of molecular and cellular biology at the levels of molecular factors, genes, cells and organisms from model systems to diseases.

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