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Making european society | MAKErS

Develop an interdisciplinary approach to better understand the dynamics and regulation of European societies with applications to strengthening democracy and improving the quality of policymaking and public debate.


MAKErS is an international and interdisciplinary centre of excellence. It focuses on the social, political, economic and legal processes forging European society, both as a society, and as a European construct.

  • What makes Europe a society?
  • How European is society?
  • What are the forces of inertia and emerging dynamics shaping social structures and interactions?

Thematics and research challenges

The research programme adresses 4 major issues:

  • Which tools are available to study European society and how do categories, measures, norms and procedures participate in the construction of common frameworks in different countries, at different times, by different actors and organisations. How can tools for comparison transcend national differences and identify trends?
  • How to identify and deal with European political and social problems such as inequalities and discrimination, social and spatial mobility, environmental, technological and social risks?
  • How do these social and political issues circulate between countries and regions? What are the effects of these circulations on their internationalization?
  • How is European society regulated? Through which political, legal and social mechanisms? What are the intended and unintended effects?

Graduate program

MAKErS specific training plan concerns 17 degree programs of 7 faculties and 3 doctoral schools. It provides students with the skills they need to collect, manipulate and analyse comparative data in its different forms and to be able to recognize its potential and limits in building robust evidence. Data not only makes it possible to understand the making of European society, but it provides an opportunity to apply and question interdisciplinarity.

It will seek to enable students to de-nationalise ways of thinking about European society and integrate various disciplinary viewpoints, methods and concepts to achieve a more complete understanding of complex social dynamics.

political science - law - economics - sociology - demography - science studies - geography

Political Science, Law, Economics, Sociology, Demography, Science Studies, Geography.

Admission criteria

Application process

Interdisciplinary thematic institute MAKErS



Contact information

Hélène Michel
Laboratoire Sociétés, acteurs, gouvernement en Europe | SAGE | UMR 7363

Mélanie Schmitt
Laboratoire Droit, religion, entreprise et société | DRES | UMR 7354

Amélie Barbier-Gauchard
Laboratoire Bureau d'économie théorique et appliquée | BETA | UMR 7522


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