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The “bailleur” is the landlord who makes his property (studio, room, flat, house, etc.) available to a tenant (the “preneur”) in return for the payment of rent.

Most landlords do not accept a guarantor from abroad. This is a crucial point for foreigners staying in France and sometimes causes difficulties. VISALE is a practical answer, but you must be between 18 and 30 years old.

An 'inventory of fixtures' is a descriptive document that lists the condition of a space, in other words the studio or room you are renting.

When the keys are handed over, the inventory of fixtures is drawn up jointly and amicably by the parties (the landlord and the tenant), and is attached to the lease.

Another inventory of fixtures shall be drawn up under the same conditions at the time the tenant leaves the accommodation and hands back the keys.

The inventory of fixtures allows the lessor to check whether, on the tenant's departure the existence of any damage to the rented accommodation.

Note: you must return the studio or room in the same state of cleanliness as you rented it.

Some rules differ between a lease of empty accommodation and a lease of furnished accommodation, including the duration of the lease, the security deposit, the notice period and the furnishing of the accommodation.

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If the rent is payable in advance for a period longer than two months, the security deposit cannot be provided.
If the tenant requests the monthly payment of the rent, the landlord may require a security deposit.

The landlord's right of access is regulated by law. Any landlord who wishes to enter the rented property must have prior authorisation from the tenant. If the landlord violates this rule, he or she is violating privacy, an offence that is severely punished by law.

In the event of a dispute in the context of a tenancy, it is advisable to try to find an amicable settlement. If this is not successful, conciliation may be necessary, and then you may be entitled to go to court.

If you and the landlord are unable to talk to each other, it is advisable to send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The letter should state the facts as precisely as possible. Arguments and evidence to support your point (legal references, invoices, photos etc.) must be provided. This letter is an essential first step before any appeal to the judge.

There are some unusual requests that should particularly attract your attention:

  - Request to send money for the reservation.

  - Photo not related to the accommodation.

  - Low rent compared to the market.

  - Rent coupled with a request for service.

  - Never pay money before signing the lease!


For more details, see the Lokaviz website and its section “Attention aux arnaques.



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