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Finding accommodation is one of the great challenges of student life, so it's best to act early! Crous rooms and studio apartments, private accommodation or social housing, discover the different accommodation solutions according to your profile, the length of your stay and your budget.

Crous university residences

The Crous (Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires) provides 5,000 beds for students in university residences in Strasbourg

The rooms and studio apartments are furnished, with individual or shared kitchen and sanitary facilities. These accommodations are intended for students with a limited budget. Rents range from €175 to €473 per month. The number of places is limited.

Halls of residence - Rooms :

Halls of residence – Studio apartments :

Accessible accommodation for students with disabilities:

The Crous has accommodation specially adapted and accessible to people with disabilities. Find the complete list of accommodation on the website Crous de Strasbourg.

Good to know

How to obtain Crous accommodation?

To apply for accommodation in a Crous university residence, French students must submit an application for the demande de Dossier Social Étudiant (DSE) every year from the 15th of January. The application must be made before the examination or admission results.

International students (except those on exchange programmes) coming to France on an individual basis to study and wishing to find accommodation in a university residence should directly consult the website Crous de Strasbourg. Application procedures vary according to the status of the person (grant holder, length of stay, etc.).

International University House

Managed by the Amitel association, the International University House consists of 170 furnished studio apartments dedicated primarily to welcoming the international students and researchers of the University of Strasbourg. The surface area of the studio apartments varies from 18.5m² to 40m². Most of them are equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

Many services are available to residents: reception 7 days a week, catering, wifi connection, launderette, gym, music room, bicycle rental.

To apply for accommodation at the International University House, visit the website Amitel.

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Did you know?

On the ground floor of the International University House is located the international reception service of the University of Strasbourg
It groups together all the services available for international students and researchers welcomed at the University of Strasbourg and allows you to benefit from personalised assistance with administrative procedures, as well as search for accommodation,

Private residences

There are many private residences for students in Strasbourg. The accommodation offered is mainly single rooms and studio apartments. The rent is equivalent to private sector accommodation, i.e. between €400 and €800.

The residences generally offer services and common areas for all residents (laundry, cafeteria, study room, activities, bicycle room, etc.). To reserve accommodation, you must contact the residence and complete an application form.

Please note that application fees are frequently charged. They vary in amount and usually represent one month's rent.

Good to know

Did you know?

The University of Strasbourg can provide special offers from partner establishments to all its students and staff. To benefit, contact: info-logement@unistra.fr

Halls of residence

A hall of residence is a social institution. It usually offers single or shared rooms, furnished or unfurnished, of a smaller size than a private residence. The hall of residence includes common areas (kitchen, infirmary, laundry facilities) and sometimes even a catering service.

This type of institution is often run by non-profit companies or by charitable or religious associations.

It is aimed at students with modest incomes or young workers in the process of integration.

2A Avenue de Lausanne
67000 Strasbourg
Tel : 03 90 22 93 60

Association Notre-Dame
3 Rue des Échasses
67061 Strasbourg Cedex
Tel : 03 88 22 70 90

Cité Relais
6 Rue de l'Arc en ciel
67000 Strasbourg
Tel : 03 88 15 02 60

Aumônerie Universitaire Catholique
Centre Bernanos
4 rue de Palerme
67000 Strasbourg
Tel : 06 40 09 09 97

Foyer de l'Étudiant Catholique
17 Place Saint-Etienne
67000 Strasbourg
Tel : 03 88 35 36 20

Foyer le Stift
1 Quai Saint-Thomas
67000 Strasbourg
Tel : 03 88 25 32 00

Foyer le Sept
7 Avenue de la Forêt Noire
67000 Strasbourg
Tel : 03 88 61 07 23

Foyer Jean Sturm
2A Rue Salzmann
67000 Strasbourg
Tel : 03 88 15 76 00

Résidence du Nideck
33 rue de la Kurvau
67100 Strasbourg
Tel : 03 88 55 93 40

Maison de l'Étudiante
7 Boulevard de la Victoire
67000 Strasbourg
Tel : 03 88 35 32 67

Foyer Imsthal
3 rue Richard Brunck
67000 Strasbourg
Tel : 03 88 35 78 98

Private accommodations


Lokaviz is the accommodation referencing centre of the Crous which offers students accommodations from private landlords. Students can consult the online advertisements free of charge on the website  Lokaviz after having registered on: www.etudiant.gouv.fr


Toit+Moi is a student-senior accommodation website. It proposes a cohabitation between students and local retired people who are interested in intercultural and intergenerational exchanges The rent is capped at €150 per month. There is no commitment against services. Throughout the period of cohabitation, a local organisation will provide you with personal assistance whenever necessary.

To consult the available advertisements, register on: toitplusmoi.eu

Estate agencies

Estate agencies can also offer you accommodation adapted to your needs, depending on your profile and family situation. However, there are management fees to be expected, which are usually equivalent to one month's rent.

FNAIM (Fédération Nationale de l’Immobilier) groups the advertisements of a large number of real estate agencies. The offers can be consulted on: www.fnaim.fr and www.fnaim-alsace.com

FNAIM du Bas-Rhin
8 rue Wodli
67000 Strasbourg
03 88 32 51 30

Advertisements from individuals

In the private sector, many newspapers regularly publish housing advertisements. Internet sites dedicated to advertisements between individuals are also undeniable resources.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main advertising websites: 

You can also find information about accommodation on the website of the city of Strasbourg: www.strasbourg.eu/logement

Good to know

Be careful!

There are many rental scams. Do not pay any money until you have visited the accommodation or signed a tenancy agreement. Some landlords require a cheque or bank transfer to reserve the accommodation. This practice is illegal in France. For advice or legal assistance on housing matters, you can contact the ANIL (National Agency for Housing Information) for free: http:// https://www.anil.org/ or the ADIL 67 (Departemental Agency for Housing Information) : www.adil67.org


Apartment-sharing is the renting of the same accommodation by several people who may or may not know each other, in order to share the rental costs or to enjoy a friendly atmosphere.

Here are some indicative websites that list shared accommodation and put you in contact with other students:

Temporary accommodation

If you are visiting Strasbourg for a business trip, an internship or an exam and are looking for short-term accommodation, or if you are waiting for permanent accommodation and need to be housed for a few days, here are some temporary accommodation solutions.


The Crous offers rooms and studio apartments in university residences for stays of a few days depending on availability and at attractive rates. You can consult the available accommodation on: www.bedandcrous.com

Youth hostel

Very popular with student travellers, youth hostels are an interesting economic solution to facilitate your arrival in a new city, or when you are still looking for long-term accommodation Rates are generally between €8 and €20 per night depending on the configuration of the room (single, double, dormitory). The sanitary facilities and kitchen are shared by all residents.

In Strasbourg, there are 2 youth hostels, each offering preferential rates to university students:

Hotel residences and furnished tourist accommodation

The Strasbourg Tourist Office offers a wide range of temporary accommodation solutions in hotel residences, guest rooms or furnished tourist accommodation. Find the available advertisements on: www.visitstrasbourg.fr

Good to know

Did you know?

The University of Strasbourg can provide special offers from partner establishments to all its students and staff. To benefit, contact: info-logement@unistra.fr


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