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Enrolment guidelines

Once you have been accepted to one of our degree programmes, you should complete your enrolment at the University of Strasbourg. There are two main steps to enrolment: administrative enrolment and course registration.

Administrative enrolment

Administrative enrolment allows you to obtain your student ID card and your status as a registered student of the University. It gives you access to libraries, CROUS facilities, cultural activities and sports.

> If you applied via a CEF procedure or a Demande d'admission préalable (Non-EU students)

In most cases, you should enrol directly at the University's registrar's office on an appointed date.

> If you applied via the Portail d'admission post-bac (EU students):

We recommend that you complete your full enrolment online. An identification number (INE) will be provided to you: write it down and keep it as you will need it to access the University's virtual learning environment. If you choose to pay your tuition fees online or want to pay them in three instalments, have your credit card ready.


Course registration

Once you have completed your administrative enrolment, you will be able to register for courses. Course registration is compulsory for the completion of your academic year (courses, tutorials, projects, exams).

  • Don't forget to contact your department of studies to enquire of the registration schedule.
  • Be careful when registering for courses which are not part of your department of studies! Registration will take place in the concerned department's administration office.
  • Pay attention to the deadlines and to the information provided by the Admission Office.


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