Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences. European Prospects - ED 519

The Doctoral School brings together 10 research units of social sciences and politics, historical sciences, psychology and education. The focus on European prospects demonstrates a commitment to openness, exchanges and outreach. It supports comparativism and supranational collaborations. The School is specialised in the study of conflicts, passing and identities from a dynamic and constructivist perspective, based on the analysis of changes within States and institutions as well as within societies, groups, in interpersonal relationships and in individual behaviour.


  • Director : Pascal Hintermeyer
  • Assistant director : William Gasparini


École doctorale des sciences humaines et sociales
Collège doctoral européen (CDE)
46 boulevard de la Victoire
67000 Strasbourg

Secretary : Pascale Merlin
E-mail :
Tél : 03 68 85 17 82

Website :

Doctoral programmes


  • Architecture
  • Urbanism


  • Human Rights
  • Ethics and business
  • Ethics and religions
  • Ethics and society
  • Medical ethics and bioethics



  • Ancient history
  • Contemporary history
  • History of art
  • History of religions
  • History of  political siences
  • History of law and institutions
  • Medieval history
  • Modern history


  • Clinical psychology

Ancient studies

  • Archaeology
  • Anceint languages and literature
  • Classic philology
  • Prehistory


Information and Communication sciences

Social sciences

  • Demography
  • Ethnology
  • Labour studies
  • Sociology

Sports studies

  • Sports social sciences

Associated research units

Établissement associé de l'Université de Strasbourg
Fondation Université de Strasbourg
Investissements d'Avenir
Ligue européenne des universités de recherche (LERU)
EUCOR, Le Campus européen
Inserm Grand Est