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Registration of refugee students at the University of Strasbourg

Publication date: 14/10/15

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Refugee students wishing to enrol in a study programme or attend a French course are eligible to register at Unistra. The University will provide them with support and assistance throughout the process.
Since January 2015, the University of Strasbourg has been organising the orientation and the registration of refugee students arriving in France, especially students from Syria and Iraq. Upon request, registration fees for these students can be waived. Contact the Direction des Études et de la Scolarité to request fee exemption (recham@unistra.fr). Students must register in their chosen program as per the required procedure (www.en.unistra.fr). In addition, the University of Strasbourg has set up a special reception desk for these students, in order to answer all questions concerning university life and access to social services (03 68 85 62 27 – svu@unistra.fr).  This desk is located on the Esplanade campus on the ground level of the Platane building (allée Capitant). Finally, the university offers two French as a foreign language (FLE -français langue étrangère) programmes -          Students who do not speak French: an intensive French course for the 2015-2016 academic year at the Institut International d’Études Françaises (contact : Mme Tettamanti - or / tettamanti@unistra.fr) ; -          Students with at least a B1 level in French: registration in the programme of their choice (the registration process takes place at the faculty that delivers the degree), with the possibility of registering for French as a foreign language courses (FLE) – (contact : Mme Tettamanti, see above).   


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