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Welcome and orientation events

Publication date: 28/08/15

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Newly arrived international student ? Learn more about the events and facilities designed to help newcomers settling into university life at the beginning of the academic year.
From 31 August until the end of September, the University offers a series of welcome activities and services designed to familiarise you with the campus, help you meet other students and assist you with practical matters (visa, transport, social security...).  

One-stop student services centre

From 31 August to 24 September, 20 organisations and university services will provide you with all the assistance you need from a single location, the Platane building. Thirty people speaking 20 languages in total will take turns to help and inform you. The services will include:
  • Strasbourg Eurométropole (city services)
  • SNCF ( French national rail company)
  • CTS (Strasbourg transport company)
  • Vélhop (Strasbourg’s bike hire service)
  • the Prefecture (from September to November)
  • CAF (Social Welfare Family Allowance)
  • CPAM (Health insurance office)
  • CROUS (Regional students representative body)
  • The European Council
  • ASTUS association (association of public transport users)
  • Student health insurance
  • Strasbourg National University Library
  • University services: libraries, cultural department (SUAC), health department (SUMPS), sports department (SUAPS), IT department (DI), department of digital practices (DUN), Alumni department

Events and activities

From 2 to 24 September, you will have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activites, including campus tours, exhibitions, concerts, barbecues, meetings with students associations...
  • Find out more about the events (in French)

Faculty induction

Most departments of studies will welcome their students throughout the week of the 1st to 4th of September. Check their program for more details.  

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