Two foreign delegations visit the University



In the past month, the University of Strasbourg hosted a delegation from the Korean University of Yeungnam as well as high officials of the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and representatives of several Algerian Universities.
Seok-kyun Noh, president of the University of Yeungnam, Chinho Parq, his Vice-president in charge of research and Jae Hak Jung, director of the department of chemistry came to Strasbourg to renew the agreement in place since 2011 between the two universities and to sign a complementary agreement between Strasbourg’s School of Chemistry Polymers and Materials, the Department of Physics and Engineering and the Korean university’s School of Chemistry. This new agreement will allow students and teachers mobility between the two universities starting from the 2015-16 academic year. Their visit to Strasbourg was also an opportunity to discuss future cooperations in education and research. In this view, the morning was dedicated to presenting Unistra’s department of studies and laboratories and their various activities. The two multidisciplinary universities already collaborate on common research projects on energy. Besides, EM Strasbourg business school has had a student exchange agreement with the University of Yeungnam since 2009. An Algerian delegation visited the school on the 3rd of March, where they attended an information session on continuing education and training engineering. The next day, they all attended brief presentations on records management, budget, relations with businesses etc. Unistra’s president Alain Beretz eventually presented the University and its governance before a guided tour of the European Parliament.
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