Preparations well underway for the Student World Forum



The 6th Student World Forum of the international network AC21* will be held in Strasbourg from 19 to 24 April 2014, in partnership with the University of Freiburg.
About 40 highly motivated students from AC21 member universities around the world ( Australia, China, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, USA) will attend the Forum to discuss the theme «The European experience in local and regional democracy». In the morning, the participants will attend conferences at the European Doctoral College and guided tours on the theme of Europe; in the afternoon, they will take part in workshops on the main campus. Evenings will be dedicated to outings around the city, which will be an opportunity to discover Strasbourg in a friendly atmosphere. Preparations currently focus on organising the conferences and setting up dynamic work groups, as well as planning the students’ arrival and their activities. On the last day of the Forum, the students will present their work to a delegation of the network’s member universities. This event is funded by AC21 universities and the University of Strasbourg, and was granted the Initiative d’Excellence label. It is free for all participants, and gives them a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with people from around the world and to discover a new city. Most of the Forum's events will be taped and plenary conferences will be broadcasted live on CanalC2.* Academic Consortium for the 21st century
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