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The University takes a stand for freedom of speech

Publication date: 14/01/15


The University of Strasbourg took part in the national mourning following the terrorist attack against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

"The best answer is to keep spreading our values through society"

In the aftermath of the attack against Charlie Hebdo on the 7th of January, Alain Beretz insists on how much « the university depends on the freedom to teach, to write and to think ». "Like all of us, I am traumatized as a citizen and as the president of the university. This is the reason why I wanted the university to react immediately. Our freedom has been attacked. The Nation is mourning, and so is the university. By standing up and continuing to work, exchanging ideas, fulfilling our missions and spreading our values through society, we give the best collective and individual answer to these inhuman acts. The university fully depends on the freedom to teach, to write and to think. Marc Bloch chose “Dilexit Veritatem” ("He cherished the truth") as his epitaph: as his heirs, we must be worthy of it. This is and will be my course of action. Yes, we are all “Charlies”, and we need to react to these barbaric killings with our own weapons: freedom and truth. Our 2015 greeting card stated that “Thinking knows no bounds”. By coming together, joining forces and laughing, we refuse these bounds that are imposed upon us. It is vital." Alain Beretz  

The University of Strasbourg attended the unity march on Sunday 11 January

The University of Strasbourg took part in the rally of national unity  organised in Strasbourg on Sunday, 11th of January - as in all major cities in France – to honor the victims of last week's terrorist attacks and express solidarity as a nation. University staff came in large numbers, holding signs that read "#JeSuisCharlie, the University of Strasbourg, holder of the Resistance Medal". The delegation was led by the university’s governance team.


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