Launch of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Strasbourg



The prestigious Jean Monnet label on European issues led by the European Union has been awarded to the University of Strasbourg for the cross-border Franco-German Jean Monnet Centre. Attached to Sciences Po Strasbourg, the Jean Monnet Centre was officially launched in November 2018.
The Jean Monnet label, piloted by the European Union, has been awarded to the University of Strasbourg for the Franco-German cross-border Jean Monnet Centre project, led by Sylvain Schirmann, professor of the history of international relations, specialist in European issues. Attached to the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) of the University of Strasbourg, the Centre was officially launched Monday 5 November during a ceremony at the Strasbourg City Hall and the occasion of the first conference organised by the centre on European issues. This unique centre federates the high-level expertise of French and German researchers from different disciplines (sociologists, jurists, political scientists, historians). Anchored in a cross-border territory and involved in the construction of the European campus, it will enable the creation of a trinational Eucor Bachelor's degree, a diploma programme for continuing education on European issues and a digital platform for courses on Europe. Also open to civil society and vector of debates on Europe, the creation of a festival of geopolitics on Europe and the programming of documentaries on Europe are planned. They will help develop a general public debate on issues related to the construction of Europe and on the border. Thanks to the European label, the Jean Monnet Centre of the University of Strasbourg gets funding of EUR 160,000 over three years.
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