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Discovery of a stele and two sarcophagi from the 18th Dynasty in Luxor

Publication date: 21/12/18


A joint mission of the French Institute of Oriental Archeology (IFAO) and the University of Strasbourg found a limestone stele of the 18th Dynasty in the area of ​​Padiamenope's tomb in southern Egypt. The two sarcophagi, located near the stele, were opened on 24 November 2018, in the presence of the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Khaled el-Anani.
The first sarcophagus, where only the tip of the feet is missing, belonged to a woman named Pouyou or Pouya. According to its name and the typology of the sarcophagus, it also goes back to the 18th Dynasty. It measures about 2.10 m and is made of wood covered with painted plaster. At its side, a second sarcophagus was found, only its lid is decorated. If it remains anonymous in the current state, its style suggests that it goes back to the 17th dynasty. Frédéric Collin, director of this mission and member of the Institute of Egyptology and the Joint Research Unit in Archeology and Ancient History: Mediterranean - Europe (Archimedes - UMR 7044 CNRS / Unistra) and Cassandre Hartenstein, doctoral student were present for the ceremony.


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