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Body-Mind-Science: conversations with the Dalaï Lama at the University of Strasbourg

Publication date: 16/09/16

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On Friday 16 September, the University of Strasbourg is inviting the Dalaï Lama to a dialogue with the scientific community, at the interface of modern science, engagement, and meditation. Follow the event live from 9 a.m. on the university's official facebook page.
This scientific discussion with the Dalaï Lama will be a first in France. Based on 4 different thematic conversations between scientific experts, a moderator and the Dalaï Lama, this conference will be an opportunity for a shared enlightening on scientific knowledge and meditation. What are the mutual contributions of neuroscience and meditation? What are the interactions between body, consciousness, and meditation? How is meditation affecting our ability to act? What are the links between body and mind? The panels will debate all these questions and more. This event is presented by the University of Strasbourg, within the framework of the Dalaï Lama's visit in Strasbourg, in partnership with the Mind and Life Institute. Speakers and moderators : Gilles Bertschy - Michel Bitbol - Jean-Gérard Bloch - Gaël Chételat - Michel Deneken - Steven Laureys - Antoine Lutz - Michel de Mathelin - Matthieu Ricard – Tania Singer -  Wolf Singer - B. Alan Wallace - Cornelius Weiller 

Follow the event in real time

The entire discussions will be available on CanalC2 (in French) on 21 September.  


9H Introduction
Alain Beretz President, University of Strasbourg
Jean Sibilia Dean, Medical School, University of Strasbourg

9H15 - 10H15 Round table n°1: Neuroscience
Regulation of attention and emotions by mindfulness meditation: neurophysiological basis and implications for mental and physical health.
Wolf Singer Director Emeritus, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt, and founding Director, Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI)
Antoine Lutz Tenured Scientist, Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (CNRL), INSERM
Gaël Chételat Director of Research INSERM UMR-S 1077, INSERM -EPHE, University of Caen
Michel de Mathelin Professor, ENS Physics, University of Strasbourg

10H30 - 11H30 Round table n°2: Clinical aspects
What are mindfulness based programs and the associated research teaching us in healthcare, especially about pain and depression? What are the benefits of meditation in body and mind integrative medicine? Academic and institutional preliminary results from scientific and clinical studies.
Jean-Gérard Bloch MD, Rheumatologist
Gilles Bertschy Professor and Director of the Psychiatric, Mental Health and Addiction Department, University and University Hospital of Strasbourg
Cornelius Weiller Professor and Director of the Neurology and Neuroscience Department, University and University Hospital of Freiburg-am-Brisgau, Germany

13H - 14H Round table n°3: Empathy and compassion
Training mind and heart: effects of mental training on mental and physical health, brain and prosocial behavior.
Tania Singer Director, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
Matthieu Ricard Buddhist monk, author, French translator for the Dalaï Lama
Michel Deneken First Vice-President, University of Strasbourg

14H15 - 15H15 Round table n°4: Consciousness
Can science explain consciousness? Lessons from coma and related states.
Consciousness from the first-person standpoint: an introduction to phenomenology.
Michel Bitbol Director of Research CNRS, Archives Husserl, ENS Paris
Steven Laureys MD PhD, Director of the Coma Science Group at the GIGA Research and Neurology Department of the University and University Hospital of Liège, Belgium
B. Alan Wallace President of Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies, USA

16H - 17H30 Studies Symposium: Francisco Varela
Closing with a symposium dedicated to prominent biologist, philosopher and neuroscientist Francisco Varela who was a powerful advocate in promoting dialogue between science and Buddhism. The symposium will recognize his pervasive contributions and inspiring legacy.  


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