Student financial aid

Under certain conditions, international students are entitled to financial aid from the CROUS (the regional organisation in charge of student facilities and support) or the French government.

CROUS bursary

This bursary, mostly based on parents' income, is available to students in financial need to help them pay for their fees and accomodation.

The bursary is available to :

  • French or EU students under the age of 28
  • Students from non-EU countries who have been living in France for at least two years / whose parents' tax home has been located in France for at least two years
  • Students who don't meet the above criteria, under certain conditions

The bursary is paid in ten monthly installments, from September to June.

Students must apply online from the 15th of January to the 30th of April. After you apply online, you will receive a file to send to CROUS along with the supporting documents.

Housing assistance

In France, students are entitled to financial housing aid. Right to allowances and their amount are subject to family income. For more information, contact the student Agora or the Caisse d’allocations familiales (CAF - Family Allocations Office).

Student rental deposit

In order to rent accommodation (university residence or private housing), you must provide proof of a guarantor: a creditworthy person residing in the European Union. If you have no-one to address, you can, under certain conditions, benefit from the student rental deposit (Caution locative étudiante - CLE) provided by the Crous:


  • French government scholarships

The French Government awards scholarships each year. The recipients are nominated by the cultural sections of embassies in France.

The selection is based on specific projects that are part of cooperation programmes established according to governmental priorities and the decision of joint commissions.

Prior to their departure and well in advance - regardless of their place of residence - , applicants for these scholarships should apply directly with the Cultural Service of their country's French embassy.

  • Eiffel Scholarships

Eiffel scholarships are awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foreign students with an excellent academic record wishing to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree. It is allocated to students in engineering, economics and management, law and political sciences.

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