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Institute for Advanced Studies (USIAS)

The University of Strasbourg's Institute for Advanced Studies supports original, potentially path-breaking research in all scientific fields, promoting a high level of reflection, exploration and synthesis. USIAS is a place of intellectual innovation, welcoming excellent researchers from all countries and disciplinary backgrounds in residence, to conduct independent research within a scientific community of excellence.


USIAS aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for excellent researchers to explore new ideas and approaches, to deepen or redirect their research, to broaden their horizons and to apply their knowledge to new areas.
  • Support fundamental and interdisciplinary research.
  • Share knowledge with society at large.


The Governing Board of USIAS consists of ten eminent scholars from Strasbourg, appointed by the President of the University, holding USIAS research Chairs in their respective field:

  • Pierre Chambon – USIAS Chair in Biology and Molecular Genetics
  • Thomas Ebbesen – USIAS Chair in Physical Chemistry of Light-matter Interactions
  • Jules Hoffmann – USIAS Chair in Integrative Biology
  • Georges Kleiber – USIAS Chair in Language Science
  • David Le Breton – USIAS Chair in Contemporary Anthropology
  • Jean-Marie Lehn – USIAS Chair in Chemistry of Complex Systems
  • Jean-Louis Mandel – USIAS Chair in Human Genetics
  • Jacques Marescaux – USIAS Chair in Image-guided Minimal Invasive Surgery
  • Sylviane Muller – USIAS Chair in Therapeutic Immunology 
  • Roland Recht – USIAS Chair in Historiography of Art

In addition, professor Catherine Florentz, Vice-president for Research and Doctoral Education at the University of Strasbourg is ex officio member of the USIAS Board.


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