Europe ( ERASMUS)

Erasmus is the exchange program funded by the European Union offering student mobility between higher education institutions across Europe. The mobility period goes from 3 to 12 months and is partly funded by the Erasmus grant. Tuition fees are paid at your home university and your period of study abroad is fully recognised within your course of study.

Erasmus 2020-2021 inbound mobility campaign

Incoming mobility Studies 2020/21 Semester 2 :

To find out about the course arrangements for semester 2 (face-to-face, distance learning), please contact the International Relations correspondent of the faculty that will welcome you in Strasbourg. For any other question,

Incoming mobility Studies 2020/21 Semester 1 or Year :

For current student mobility, please inform the Erasmus+ mobility center of any change in the course of your mobility (change from face-to-face courses to virtual courses or vice versa, early return to your home country, ...). For any other question, please contact

For any question related to accommodation in the university residence:

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Fondation Université de Strasbourg
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Ligue européenne des universités de recherche (LERU)
EUCOR, Le Campus européen
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