Tuition fees

The French public education system is committed to making higher education available to all. Tuition fees rarely exceed €600 per academic year and are the same for French and international students. Please note that some schools or institutes have their own tuition system.

Tuition fees 2016-2017

Undergraduate degree programmes

Licence (bachelor's degree), Vocational Bachelor's degrees, DUT, DEUST

  • €184/academic year

Master’s degrees

  • €256/academic year

Engineering degrees

  • €610/academic year


  • €391/academic year

Additional fees

  • Social security registration: €215

Optional fees

  • Carte culture: €7
  • Sports: €25

Payment terms

Whether you enrol online or by appointment at the University, we recommend that you pay your tuition fees by credit card. Besides, paying by credit card will allow you to pay in 3 instalments.



Exchange students

If you are coming to Strasbourg as part of an exchange program (EUCOR, Erasmus, inter-university agreement, AEN, MAUI, CREPUQ) you will pay your usual tuition fees at your home university.

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