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EU exchange students

Exchange programmes

Over the years, the Université de Strasbourg has developed a very dense network of partnerships formalised through cooperation agreements. This international approach has made it possible for students from partner universities to complete part of their studies at the Université de Strasbourg within the framework of an exchange programme. These agreements, which are generally fixed for a specific discipline, offer students the guarantee of a mobility that is recognised and integrated into their curriculum.

In Europe: Erasmus+ is the European mobility reference programme. It allows students from European partner universities to spend from 3 to 12 months in Strasbourg, while validating their studies at their home university.

Applying at your home university

1. Check if there is a student exchange agreement between your home department of studies and the University of Strasbourg and make sure you are eligible to go.

2. Contact the person in charge of international exchanges in your university and decide together on the courses you will follow in Strasbourg. Pick your courses from our course listing.

3. Submit a shortlisting application.

Applying to Strasbourg

If you get nominated to go on exchange, you can apply online to the University of Strasbourg. The link to your online application form will be sent to you.

Application deadlines for 2019/2020

  • 1st semester / full academic year : 17.05.2019
  • 2nd semester : 15.11.2019

Don't forget to enrol in your home university first!

When arriving in Strasbourg you will have to complete both an administrative and educational enrolment.

Important information

Most classes will be held in French. Thus, a B1 (even B2 for certain subjects) level in French is required for a period of study at the Université de Strasbourg within the framework of an exchange.


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