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Social security

In France, you must pay for your own treatments, visits to the doctor, and medication. You are then partially reimbursed  by Social security (Sécurité sociale). The balance has to be paid by you or can be reimbursed by additional health insurance.

However, your situation depends on your age, status and nationality and you are advised to make enquiries as soon as possible: securite-sociale.fr or ameli.fr.

→ European students:

Before departure,  you have to apply for the European health insurance card from the social protection services of your country of origin (carte européenne d’assurance maladie - CEAM). It is free and valid for two years. You will not need to pay for the French Social security, as the Strasbourg sickness insurance primary fund (Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie – CPAM) will refund you.
The first time you ask them for reimbursement, add the followings to your form: a copy of the CEAM, banking information, enrolment certificate and proof of residential address in France (such as electricity or telephone bill, accommodation certificate).

→ Students from Quebec, Andorra and Monaco:

You are exempt from joining the French student Social security (for Andorra nationals: only while you are under 25).

→ Other students:  

You must register with the French student Social security system. This registration is done at the same time as your administrative enrolment at the university. Annual membership amounted to EUR 215 in 2016. When registering you will have to choose between the two organisms that handle reimbursement, LMDE and MGEL.
You can then contact the one you have chosen. You will have to transmit the following: proof of Social security membership, banking information, and declaration of choice of attending physician. For more information and documents visit lmde.com or mgel.fr

→ Exceptions

  • If you are under 20 and are benefiting from your parents' social security in your home country: you must present a birth certificate along with a translation if the document is not in French or English.
  • If you are over 28: you are not eligible for student Social Security and must apply for a personal insurance. Under certain conditions, you can benefit from the Couverture Médicale Universelle (CMU or Universal Medical Coverage).


→ Additional health insurance (mutuelle)

The compulsory Social Security system only covers a part of your health expenses, depending on the treatment. Getting an additional health insurance is not compulsory, but it guarantees better reimbursements. You can subscribe to one of the two following students insurances when you enrol to university.


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