IdEx: creating centres of excellence

"Investments for the future" (Investissements d'Avenir) is a funding programme launched by the state in 2010. It aims to promote French excellence and competitiveness in higher education and research by providing funds to fundamental research activities, industrial innovation, education, technology transfers, etc.

IdEx: creating centres of excellence

One of the long-term purposes of the Investment Programme is to generate centres of excellence in higher education and research across the country. In 2011, the government launched a call for proposals to select the "excellence initiatives" (IdEx) that would be awarded funding. Eight universities, including Strasbourg, were selected and currently share a € 7,7 billion endowment.

Our ambition: crossing new borders

The University of Strasbourg's IdEx project puts innovation at the core of a strategy which aims to:

  • promote high quality research on an international level
  • develop innovative and attractive academic training
  • develop leading-edge tools and spread knowledge
  • assert the university's openness regarding knowledge and economic, societal and cultural stakes

The innovative tools emerging from Strasbourg's project - as well as its partners'- should reshape the core of the French higher education and research system. It will also assert Unistra's position as a highly competitive European university.


Several of Unistra's research projects are being funded by the Investment Programme. These projects all rely on a multidisciplinary approach to research, education, development and international collaborations.