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Pass Campus: your student smartcard

Your student ID card is called the Pass Campus. This all-purpose smartcard is given to you upon enrolment. In addition to its ID functions, your Pass Campus can be used to pay for canteens and for printing facilities, and serves as your library card. Outside campus, it can be used as a travelcard on all public transports in the city.

Where can I collect my student card?

Your Pass Campus is given to you upon enrolment at your department of studies' registrar's office.

However, there are some exceptions:

  • Students in Arts, Applied Languages and Humanities, Languages, Literature, Philosophy and Sport Science: collect your student card at the Pass Campus desk located in the Patio building
  • Historical Sciences and Social Sciences students: collect your student card at the Palais Universitaire's registrar's office
  • Students in the first year of a Licence in Sciences (Chemistry, Mathematics/Computer Sciences, Physics/Engineering, Earth Sciences): your student card is available at the Pôle L1 - Institut Lebel, 3rd floor
  • Students in the first year of a Health Studies degree : collect your card at the Faculty of Medicine's registrar's office
  • ERASMUS students: Please go to the Mission Accueil desk located in the Platane building (Central Campus). Exception: ERASMUS Medicine students should collect their card at the Faculty of Medicine.

Find out more on: www.passcampus.fr


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