Visa and immigration

EU researchers

Researchers from the European Union do not need a visa to work in France.

Non-EU researchers

  •  Short stay (< 3 months)

Certain nationalities do not need a visa for a short stay: see the list here. If you are paid by the University, a provisional work authorisation will be issued.

Researchers of other nationalities will be granted a short-term visa (visa C de courte durée).


  • Long stay (> 3 months)

 - The "scientific" procedure allows you to obtain a visa " scientifique chercheur" (scientific visa for researchers), and requires a hosting agreement.

-Doctoral students: if you are enroled or plan to enrol in an institution to prepare a doctoral thesis (which subject is included in the hosting agreement), you need to bring your research or teaching contract along with your residence permit application form.


Mandatory procedures

  • Upon arrival in France: depending on your nationality and type of visa, EURAXESS office will either have to send a residence permit application form to the OFII (French Office for Immigration and Integration) or file an application at the Prefecture.
  • To renew your and your family's residence permit, the EURAXESS office will have to file an application at the Prefecture.

 In all cases, please contact:

Important information

You should apply for your residence permit's renewal 6 to 8 weeks before it expires. You could face a 180€ fine in case of delays.



Ten-year resident card

After a 3 or 5 years uninterrupted stay in France (depending on your nationality) with an employee or scientist status, it is possible to apply for a ten-year residence card. The application file can be dropepd at the EURAXESS Centre.



The application form for naturalisation can be obtained at the Prefecture's reception desk. The EURAXESS Centre can guide you through your application.

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