Carré de Malberg Research Institute (IRCM) - EA 3399

Key words

Juridical and Political Sciences – Comparative Law – Public Law – Administrative Law – Constitutional Law – Public Finances – Civil Liberties and Human Rights – Political Systems – Regional & Local Authorities – German Public Law – Economic Public Law – History of Legal Sciences


The Institute is part of the research federation L'Europe en mutation : histoire, droit, économie et identités culturelles" - FR 3241 ("A changing Europe") and collaborates with various research units within the federation, including the International and European Research Centre. IRCM members also participate in international research networks, especially those including Germany, Switzerland  (EUCOR) and Japan.

Research focus

Research within the Institute is organised around three main themes:

  • History of modern constitutional law doctrines in Europe
  • Domestic law and Human rights European law
  • European law and contemporary changes in administrative law


  • Director: Gabriel Eckert
  • Assistant director:Patrick Wachsmann


Institut de recherches Carré de Malberg (IRCM)
Bâtiment L'Escarpe
11 rue du Maréchal Juin - BP 68
67046 Strasbourg Cedex

Tél : 03 68 85 87 81